•   about 9 years ago

Hackathon Sponsor Mash-up Ideas

Hi, I'm Chris from Concur Technologies. Developers use our API to pull a business traveler's expense and itinerary information so that they can build applications like those that provide restaurant recommendations based on a hotel booking, or those that send emails with top 10 coffee shops based on a traveler's destination because his/her expense history indicates he's purchased $30 worth of latte in his last 5 business trips.

I've set up a page here to help you brainstorm through mash-up ideas using sponsors' APIs - http://ismaelc.github.io/ConcurAPIConSF/#mashup

If you're a sponsor and have a cool mash-up idea in mind, please reach out to me at chris.ismael@concur.com so we can update it.

Good luck!


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